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Buy your next home with Arizona rent to own.  Our rent to own program is structured to allow you to move in as a traditional tenant would.  The program then provides you with the option to buy the home you are renting and even helps you get in a position to be able to buy. To do this we provide rent credits from each monthly rent payment you make. This allows a portion of each monthly payment to go towards your down payment.  The quicker you can build up a down payment (by accumulating rent credits ) the quicker you can buy.  In most cases you also get equity appreciation as home values increase. In addition, we work with you through our mortgage department to get you qualified to buy.  We know what it takes to get you from renter to owner in the shortest time possible.

We analyze your situation before you move in. This way, we can structure the terms that work best for you.  Most people could qualify to buy a home if only they had some help.  This help may be in the form of down payment assistance, credit repair, mortgage approval assistance or simply just allowing some time to pass to make qualification easier .  Or, it may be as complex as us carrying a portion of the mortgage in our name.  The nice part is that once we look at your situation, we will know which path to put you on to make your dream a reality.  We handle all of the details.  All you have to do is make sure your payments are made on time.

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